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El Shalem

El Shalem

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Smile Care did free cleanings and gave some free goodies for 22 handicapped children.
EL-Shalem is a non-racial Private learning establishment for children and young people with severe disabilities and/or special learning requirements.

The haven is managed by a team of enthusiastic tutors and facilitators, overseen by a leadership team with alot of experience in this specific field.

Please visit their website for their newsletter and latest activities at www.elshalem.co.za
They are having a winter - wonder Ball which Smile Care will be supporting.

As a health care team we have decided to assist the Haven by delivering our services free by ways of check-ups,education and tooth brushes etc, with the help of the 3M company and Colgate.

The principal is Felicia and her contact number is 012 654 7886

We applied "Clinpro" on all the childrens teeth.
This treatment delivers fluoride, calcium phosphate and a protective coating to the tooth service. It makes the teeth stronger and more resistant to decay.

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