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Alliance for a Cavity Free Future

Alliance for a Cavity Free Future


Caries is a disease continuum – with a series of stages from small initial caries lesions that might evolve in time to gross cavities. Globally caries is a neglected epidemic which we as Oral hygienists encounter on a daily basis and its consequences is a major public health burden and continues to cause human suffering with loss of quality of life and it consumes significant resources for treatment. Have you ever wondered what more you could do as a professional? Now together we can.

The launch of the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future ( ACFF ) took place on the 13 March at Emperors Palace, Johannesburg. The Colgate-Palmolive Company, which supports improved oral health,  invited all leaders in the health and dental health professions,  education and corporate communities to this introduction. OHASA was represented by Stella and myself.

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The Alliance is a worldwide group of experts who have joined together to promote integrated clinical and public health action in order to stop caries initiation and progression in order to move towards a Cavity-Free future for all age groups. Overall, the group believes that global collaborative action is needed to challenge global leaders and other regional and local  stakeholders to learn the importance of caries as a disease continuum and to participate in action toward the delivery of comprehensive caries prevention and management that can positively influence the continuing problem of caries.

The Alliance’s long term goal is that to have every child born in 2026 – should stay cavity free during their life time. The short and medium goals are to firstly produce a FREEWeb-based resource to  facilitate comprehensive preventative and management of caries for communities, groups and individuals.www.Allianceforacavityfreefuture.org

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