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    Teeth done right




Dear Doctor

On 17 September 2015 we had a festive day at our clinic. Dr Willem Kearney (as former president of SADA) approached the Centurion Clinic to sponsor our theatres for a day to treat disadvantaged Down Sydrome children that urgently needed dental care.

Your collegues Willem Kearney, Paul Grobler and Reghardt van Vuuren also volunteered to do the surgery free of charge and Dave Viljoen was so kind to do the anaesthetics for all. We want to thank everybody involved for their input to make it a very successful day. The children were treated with colourful balloons and gift packs and we were rewarded with big happy smiles. This outreach brought great relief to the patients and their families but also added some value to society.

By Centurion Clinic is dit vir ons belangrik om hulp te verleen aan minderbevoorregtes en dra ons sodoende by tot die behoeftes van die minderbevoorregte gemeenskap met hierdie jaarlikse instelling. Verlede jaar wat dit die leerders aan die El-Shalom skool vir kinders met spesiale behoeftes wat voordeel getrek het met dié uitreik.  Ons sal volgende jaar hierdie tradisie voortsit by die nuwe Centurion Day Hospital.

We want to thank you for your support.  Ons bedank almal vir julle ondersteuning.


Elna Labuschagne and the Centurion Clinic Team
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