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Angelique Kearney and her colleagues from associations and universities were selected to be on the Johnson & Johnson (Listerine) advisory board. They had their first meeting 11 October 2019 at the Capital Hotel, Menlyn Maine.

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To all the staff at Smile Care


Today I am sitting in front of the computer and I am crying.

Thank you for giving me my smile back and for making it possible for me to smile again. This has changed my life and I do not know how one would say Thank YOU...

It is so wonderful to have teeth in my mouth again. Thank you is a small word for such a big present.

Please know that my sincere thanks comes from my heart. Thank you for taking time to make me beautiful and to feel good about myself again.

May you all be blessed.

Love and greetings

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Dear Doctor

On 17 September 2015 we had a festive day at our clinic. Dr Willem Kearney (as former president of SADA) approached the Centurion Clinic to sponsor our theatres for a day to treat disadvantaged Down Sydrome children that urgently needed dental care.

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Smile Care Charity Day 2014

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On the 10th of September 2014 we had a Charity day where Dental treatment was done for the children in need from the El-Shalem Home for severely handicapped children.
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El Shalem

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Smile Care did free cleanings and gave some free goodies for 22 handicapped children.
EL-Shalem is a non-racial Private learning establishment for children and young people with severe disabilities and/or special learning requirements.
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