Dental Restoration

  • 1
    Cerec overlay filling BEFORE
  • 2
    Cerec overlay filling AFTER
  • 3
    Cerec overlay filling AFTER
  • Amalgam removal before
    Amalgam removal BEFORE
  • Amalgam removal during
    Amalgam removal DURING
  • Amalgam removal after
    Amalgam removal AFTER
  • 1 Au
    Patient unhappy with gold tooth
  • 2 Au
    Tooth repaired with direct resin crown
  • Resin filling before
    Decayed molar teeth
  • Resin filling after
    Resin fillings in place
  • Before
    Decayed premolar tooth
  • Isolation
    Cavity preparation
  • 4 Trio
    Resin filling in place

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