Dental / Oral Surgery

  • Apisectomy procedure to remove abcess during
    Apisectomy procedure to remove the abcess
  • Apisectomy procedure to remove abcess
    One week after the apisectomy procedure
  • Crown lengthening procedure
    Crown lengthening procedure BEFORE
  • Crown lengthening procedure after
    Crown lengthening procedure AFTER
  • Frenulum removal before
    Fenulum removal BEFORE
  • Frenulum removal during
    Fenulum removal DURING
  • Frenulum removal after
    Fenulum removal AFTER
  • Gum transplant before
    Gum transplant BEFORE
  • Gum transplant during
    Gum transplant DURING
  • Gum transplant after
    Gum transplant AFTER
  • surgery salivaduct_stone3
    Salivary duct stone BEFORE
  • surgery salivaduct_stone2
    Salivary duct stone removal
  • surgery salivaduct_stone1
    Salivary duct stone

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