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Our valued patient,
Please read the following information thoroughly to assure a pleasant and uncomplicated theatre visit as possible.

Pre- Admission:
  1. Do not eat or drink six (6) hours prior to your admission to the hospital.
  2. Please notify your doctor should you develop any illness 48 hours prior to the scheduled procedure.
  3. A parent or legal guardian who has to give consent for a procedure should accompany patients under 18 years. Relatives or friends may not sign the consent.
  4. You should report to the hospital’s admissions desk at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled procedure time.
  5. Remember to bring:
    • Your medical aid membership card
    • Medical aid authorization number
    • ID document
    • X-rays, test results, medication
    • Contact lens holder, if applicable
    • Favorite toy or blanket (in the case of young patients)
  6. Do not bring cash or valuables such as jewelry. The hospital will not accept responsibility for any loss.
  7. Firearms and weapons are not permitted in the hospital.
  1. You should not drive a car, operate machinery or take any alcohol for at least 24 hours following anesthesia, as your judgment may still be impaired. Please arrange for a relative or friend to accompany you home.
  2. Please follow all instructions regarding post-operative care and take all prescribed medication as indicated by the hospital staff.
  3. Should you have any further enquiries, need any medication or suspect complications, please phone Dr Kearney on 012 663 8810.
Financial Arrangements:
  1. Dr Kearney’s statement will be provided beforehand according to the quotation provided to you and must be settled 24 hours before the scheduled procedure time.
  2. The hospital’s fees are mostly charged at medical aid rates and the account will be sent to your medical aid by their accounts department. Please note that no fees charged by the doctor or the anesthetist will appear on the statement by the clinic.
  3. The anesthetist will provide a full account directly after theatre, which is also immediately payable and then, claimed back afterwards. A quotation can also be provided should you need one.
  4. Please make arrangements for payment prior to your admission if you are a private patient.
We wish you a speedy recovery.
Dr Kearney and Team

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